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T & G Ranch

$2,150,000 Wright, WY 2,620± Deeded Acres

Executive Summary

The T & G Ranch is a nice block of excellent grazing land totaling 2,620± deeded acres, separated into five pastures. The terrain consists of rolling hills, draws, and gently sloping rangeland. The ranch grows good Wyoming hard grasses known for putting significant gains on cattle. Additionally, the ranch has approximately 145 acres of dryland hay meadows of which hay is harvested on wet years and grazed other years. Watering the ranch are a well and pipeline, with tanks in each pasture, as well as 16 reservoirs and dugouts dispersed throughout the ranch. Several of the reservoirs are spring fed. With the multiple sources of water, livestock does not have to travel far to get a good drink.

General Description

The T & G Ranch is a contiguous block of Wyoming grasslands that are well suited for yearling cattle, cow/calf pairs, or sheep grazing. Currently, the ranch is being used for summer grazing of pairs. The T & G Ranch is located in southern Campbell County, east of Highway 59, between Wright and Gillette. What sets this ranch apart is its exceptional grazing and its good distribution of livestock water. There are five separate pastures with pipeline and tanks to each and scattered reservoirs, all of which combine to provide ample water for both livestock and wildlife. There is a host of wildlife occupying the T & G Ranch, including good populations of pronghorn antelope, mule deer, sage grouse and Hungarian partridge.

Broker's Comments

In a time of good cattle prices and increasing real estate prices, the T & G Ranch is a solid offering. There is little inventory of livestock grazing ranches on the market and especially ones without a bunch of unwanted improvements, as is the T & G Ranch. The ranch grows good hard grasses and is well watered; the perfect recipe for putting significant gains on yearling and feeder cattle. It is a great opportunity to own a sizeable grazing ranch, whether it is being added to an existing operation or owned on its own. As a stand-alone investment, it represents an ideal situation as it requires little to no maintenance and summer grazing is always in high demand from ranchers throughout the region. Grazing leases are currently going at record prices. 

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The T & G Ranch is located in southern Campbell County, 18 road miles northeast of Wright, and 40 miles southeast of Gillette, and 9 miles east of HWY 59. The ranch can be easily accessed from Wyoming Highway 59 by heading east on county maintained, Breene Road and north on Lawver Road. 


This area of Wyoming is known for large blocks of grazing lands. All sides of the ranch are adjacent to large cattle ranches; however there are smaller acreage, rural residential parcels in close proximity to the west. The area is known for its excellent grazing grasses and putting strong gains on yearlings and feeder cattle as well as cow/calf pairs.


Because of its elevation, Wyoming has a relatively cool climate. The average high temperature in the summer months is around 90 degrees for Wright, Wyoming and the average low temperature for the winter months is 15 degrees. Summer nights are almost invariably cool, even though daytime readings may occasionally reach above 90 degrees. In the wintertime, it is characteristic to have rapid and frequent changes between mild and cold spells. The winter months at the T & G Ranch can expect periods of drifting and blowing snow. Average annual precipitation for Wright, Wyoming is 14 inches.

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Acreage (Deeded & Leased)

  • 2,620± deeded acres
  • 2,475± grazing acres
  • 145± acres of dryland hay fields

Deeded Acres: 2,620±
Total Acres: 2,620±


T & G Ranch is essentially unimproved with no structural improvements. This is refreshing in this day of massive homes built to someone else’s taste. The only improvements are for livestock and wildlife. The ranch is cross fenced into five pastures and has a stock water pipeline throughout. The well is approximately 115 feet deep and the pipeline covers each pasture. Additionally, the ranch has 16 reservoirs and dugouts for additional livestock and wildlife water. 

Water Resources

T & G Ranch has a good distribution of water throughout the ranch. The heart of the water system is a well and pipeline that services five different pastures. The well is 115 feet deep and is pumping 10 gpm. Additionally, the ranch has 16 reservoirs and dugouts scattered around the ranch for additional water sources. 

Mineral Rights

Any owned by the Seller will convey to the Buyer at closing. 


Based upon past years, the real estate taxes are estimated to run about $1,256 per year. 

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Wildlife Resources

The T & G Ranch offers a good cross-section of wildlife including mule deer, antelope, sage grouse, and Hungarian partridge. Strong populations of antelope could provide great hunting and potential revenues for the T & G Ranch. There are not large numbers of mule deer, but the ranch is known for producing large trophy bucks. The ranch is also in close proximity to both the Big Horn Mountains and the Black Hills that offer elk hunting and excellent trout fishing.

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General Operations

The T & G Ranch has historically been utilized for summer grazing. The Sellers typically lease to a neighboring ranch that stocks the property with 100 cow/calf pairs from May through October. 

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