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Summer Bucket List: Fishing Tournament with Friends

July 24, 2020 Hall and Hall

A summer bucket list is the perfect way to plan activities for kids and adults alike. We're all searching for fun and safe activities to get us out of the house and off of our phones. This weekend we're encouraging you to host a fishing tournament with your friends. Meet up at the nearest lake or river and see who is the best angler in the friend group!

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Field Report

Weekend Plans for the Family: Fishing and a Picnic Lunch

May 16, 2020 Hall and Hall

Got any weekend plans for the family? Why not pack up the car and head out for a day fishing on the river or lake? We've outlined some of our favorite fishing spots and easy picnic lunches that are perfect for a day spent in nature. Being outdoors is like free therapy - it can help reduce stress and is a great way for families to reconnect. 

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