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Hall and Hall 2020 Ranch of the Year

February 5, 2021 Tyler Jacobs

Occasionally, we have the honor to represent a true, “one of a kind” ranch. This year, we closed on the sale of Livermore Ranch, 4,772± deeded acres in the Davis Mountains of west Texas.  Offering high desert grasslands, deep box canyons, mountain summits, Livermore is considered by many as one of the “last of the great places” in the region, if not the American West.

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Field Report

Here’s Why You Should Visit West Texas

October 21, 2019 Tyler Jacobs

Planning your next trip? Here's why you should visit West Texas. There's something alluring about West Texas. The wide open spaces, the scenic stretches of highway, the crystal clear night sky glittered with stars...it's guaranteed to instill a sense of awe and wonder.

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