Douglas A. Hall

Douglas A. Hall

Chairman Emeritus
Billings, MT |

Once in a great while, a legacy leader happens. Doug Hall devoted his life to people, and because of that simple yet often unattainable decision, he helped turn a company not just into a success but a thriving, morale-boosting organization devoted to clients and employees.

A calm, practical demeanor served him well as he worked through problematic situations, often mentoring others and empowering them to develop their own solutions. His genuine interest in and concern for people was obvious.  He was generous in spirit and joy; his favorite day was handing out bonus checks!  He chose to trust his employees with a hands-off approach, leading to a sense of conviction and loyalty not often found in a business environment. Trust and empowerment were his tools, and it paid off in spades.

Often not enough to lead, Doug also taught. He was the “rock” of stability, providing the company with the correct vision and strength to make the right decisions.

To his colleagues, he was an individual who looked at issues without the self-serving manner in which many are trapped; his focus was on what was good for the company. When Doug was handling something, his peers and fellow leaders were confident that it was done with the utmost forethought, honesty, and intent to benefit the company…top to bottom.

The Hall family has blessed us with a legacy of exceptional men. 
And Doug was one of the good ones…actually, he was one of the best ones!

Doug zooming around on a child’s motorcycle, having the time of his life, is a particularly fond memory from a company-wide retreat at the HF Bar Ranch in Wyoming. His fun-loving quality of character and the resolute nature of his business ethic weave through our memories of Doug. He possessed a gentle manner with infinite wisdom, and his tremendous smile and laugh were infectious and genuine.

Often at company events, Doug could be seen standing off to the side, a smile on his face, just watching everyone. He was proud of the people of Hall and Hall. But not nearly as proud as we are of him.

Cheers to Doug! We miss you! JASDIP