Unpressured Turkeys – Hunt Your Own Land

Photo Credit: National Wild Turkey Federation

Apr 2, 2024 | Hall and Hall
Unpressured Turkeys – Hunt Your Own Land

With five subspecies nationwide (and a sixth on the Yucatán Peninsula) and thanks to historic conservation efforts, every state but Alaska enjoys an active turkey season hunt.

Virginia is known for its healthy population of Eastern Wild Turkeys, and the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources estimates that there are approximately 180,000 birds in the Commonwealth. This Saturday, the spring gobbler season kicks off with the Spring Youth Weekend, followed by limited-hours hunting from April 13 – April 28 and all-day hunting from April 29 – May 18.

Virginia Properties with Eastern Wild Turkey

Jefferson View Farm

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The Riverfront Preserve

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High Mountain Camp

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Stonehouse Preserve

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Turkey Subspecies

Eastern Wild Turkey

Osceola Wild Turkey

Rio Grande Wild Turkey

Merriam's Wild Turkey

Gould's Wild Turkey

Ocellated Wild Turkey