What’s Old is New Again

What’s Old is New Again

“New-to-agriculture” owners and multi-generational ranchers are embracing a thousand-year-old idea and applying it to current operations. The approach focuses on regenerating soil and shifts how we think of using livestock in day-to-day applications.

Finding success in the plains through the mid-west and into the western front, sustainable agricultural ideas such as intensive grazing, resource management, and carbon sequestration are finding a foothold, with innovative ideas continuing to move to the forefront. Soil health is a prerequisite, and furthering interest in understanding the journey from farm to fork is driving the need for more localized processing plants and sales.

Our Hall and Hall Management team assists in all aspects of the journey as inquisitive potential buyers, new-to-ag owners, and experienced agricultural specialists look to turn their operations into long-term ranches utilizing regenerative practices.

Many conversations miss how different the implementations of these practices can look from state to state, region to region, and from one valley to the next. One size does not fit all when implementing a regenerative strategy. Our Management team will help you navigate these hurdles, establish a benchmark, run the numbers, and help discover a sound, profit-oriented operation.

You’re invited to join the conversation and hear how our team is here to help navigate these, at times unchartered waters and help each owner realize the goals and potential of their operations.