Evolving to Meet Your Needs

Evolving to Meet Your Needs

January 23, 2023 | Hall and Hall

The world of farm and ranch management is always changing but continues to stay strong. This last year our Management group has been engaged as much as ever with farms and ranches across the region to meet the goals of the ownership. Owners, and soon-to-be owners, have been looking outside the traditional operations of a farm and ranch and have been exploring the incorporation of more modern and progressive practices that work symbiotically with their recreational objectives.

We have seen continued growth in our operation and lease oversite, livestock/crop procurement, marketing, and finance administration services. Alongside the strong growth in these services, we have experienced an increase in demand for personnel placement and due diligence.

Not too long ago, the objective of an on-site farm or ranch manager was to operate and manage the agricultural component of a property, but as the objective of the owners has changed, so have the requirements for the manager. In today’s world, a manager must wear many hats – that of an agriculture manager, wildlife and recreation manager, facilities manager, and business manager.

We understand that the right on-site manager is key to the long-term enjoyment of your properties. Through our database of candidates, years of experience, and contacts in the industry, we match managers with clients’ property requirements and goals. This last year we have successfully helped clients recruit, review, interview, and hire managers for their large-scale agricultural operations to their summer retreats.

In recent years our clients saw value in our due diligence support during the purchasing process. This service grew organically and answered the question, “I bought the ranch, now what?”.  As ranches become more complex and owners expect more, we help them discover how to adapt the current operating system to something that better meets their needs. We meet with the client, listen to what they want out of the property and identify their long-term goals. From there, we review the current infrastructure and resources, consult on wildlife production and enhancement, determine a resource’s highest and best use, prepare operating and capital budgets, and help formulate a long-term plan for the property. All of this is so you can be prepared on day one of ownership.

With the goal of making land ownership an enjoyable and trouble-free experience, Hall and Hall’s Management Group continues to be a leader in providing management and consulting services to landowners across the country.

We look forward to evolving and adapting our services to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients.