A Tribute to Doug Hall

January 19, 2021 Eric O'Keefe - The Land Report

From a personal stand-point, I can assure you that Doug Hall, the chairman emeritus of Hall and Hall was the best of company. From a professional standpoint, Doug’s primary focus was establishing the best of companies.

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Editorial and Opinion

The Land Report 100 – Winter 2020

January 15, 2021 Hall and Hall

The 2020 Land Report 100 features the debut of Bill and Melinda Gates as America’s leading farmland owners with 242,000 acres of productive farmland in more than a dozen states. All told, the Gateses own more than 268,000 acres of farmland, transitional land, and recreational properties and rank No. 49 on the Land Report 100.

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Editorial and Opinion

Winter Activities

January 7, 2021 Hall and Hall

Today we're bringing you some fun winter activities to help get you through the colder months. While it's easy to simply stay indoors and binge watch television until spring arrives, we are big fans of finding ways to spend time outdoors with friends and family

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Inside Hall and Hall

Top Nine of 2020

January 4, 2021 Hall and Hall

Hall and Hall's top nine posts of 2020. We are excited to wrap up a successful year of serving our clients and helping people all over the country reconnect with the land and outdoors. Looking forward to all that 2021 will bring!

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