Giving Back – 50 Years of Experience

Giving Back – 50 Years of Experience

August 31, 2022 | Hall and Hall

When someone serves as a mentor, partner, confidante, and teacher, they have the potential to serve as a catalyst for an individual to reach unspecified heights.  Integrate that same person as one of several experience-based advisors amongst a team with various personalities, and the effect becomes far wider, helping to affect not only those he aligns with as co-workers and friends but the relationships of those co-workers and friends.  The Taylor Effect is something every partner and team member at Hall and Hall experiences at some point, whether directly or indirectly.

Taylor, as we generally know him, is a gentleman.  Highly intelligent, quick to a chuckle, and sharp on critique.  He may overly use his caps-lock key, leading one to question if he’s actively email yelling or if he’s sitting at his hard-to-see small-screen laptop.  Keeping nothing from his 50+ years of experience to himself, his deep knowledge and extensive network show up at every partnership call, annual retreat, and property tour in the cab of a truck or on the back of a horse.  Tapping into this wealth of knowledge requires only a curious mind and listening ear.  Taylor is devoted to Hall and Hall and works to ensure that every team member throughout Hall and Hall and every relationship we build is sharing in a portion of everyone’s collaborative success.

Taylor doesn’t just show up to work, Taylor embodies Hall and Hall, and as a result, everyone at Hall and Hall values the character and integrity of the relationships we build.  We delight in his successes (see The Washington Post), and as proof of the unique partnership model he helped create, we are all the better for it.

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