Hall and Hall Ranch Listings Featured on CNN

Hall and Hall Ranch Listings Featured on CNN

April 15, 2019

Several Hall and Hall ranch listings, including Mesa Vista Ranch, Elk Island Ranch, and Westlands were prominently featured by CNN in a news story about the popularity of remote ranches. Montana ranch broker, Bill McDavid, was quoted throughout the article.

An excerpt reads:

Buyers are turning away from coastal markets and looking for a residential property that will hold value, says Bill McDavid, director and real estate partner at Hall and Hall, which sells high-end ranches. Last year was the company’s second best year in its 73-year history. Several high-profile ranches owned by big names in business have also recently come on to the market, meaning 2019 could shape up to be another big year. “Breathing room never goes out of style,” says McDavid. Even when spending tens of millions of dollars, buyers are surprised at the value they get for a sprawling, private enclave. “You get a person out of Silicon Valley or New York into the truck and show them something that looks to them like the size of a national park and it costs the same as their single family home in Connecticut? They’re interested,” McDavid says.

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