Hall and Hall Sponsors Big Sky PBR
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Hall and Hall Sponsors Big Sky PBR

August 1, 2018 | Hall and Hall

Last Saturday, Hall and Hall played sponsor to the Big Sky PBR, arguably the biggest event in the Big Sky Resort.  The toughest bull riders in the world were matched with the meanest bulls to see who comes out on top, and who ends up in the dirt.  The bulls were victorious once again this year in a series of exciting matchups.

This year, Hall and Hall teamed up with Yeti as corporate sponsors.  This provided VIP access and seating in a reserved platform near the ground level of the arena.  We took the opportunity to promote our friend Micah Fink who founded a non-profit program called Heroes and Horses.   This program was conceived to reintegrate our returning veteran soldiers into “normal” society through a three-phase program designed to inspire personal growth in veterans suffering from the mental and physical scars of war.  Uniquely, this program combines the utilization of the backcountry wilderness of Montana and horses to help these soldiers push through their trauma and find purpose in life again.  This is without a doubt, one of the most impacting and effective programs we have seen or heard about.  These are incredible people and we felt it was our turn to serve them.

Our guests included Micah Fink and Rick Franco who served in the military special forces and were involved in special operations and overseas projects for nearly two decades.  It was also a privilege to have had Kris and Gayle Coleman from REDFIVE Security who traveled from Virginia to join us and help promote our friends at Heroes and Horses. Kris and Gayle offer security solutions on a global level to high profile individuals in need.  We were also joined by a congenial group of friends and ranch clients who drove down from the Yellowstone Club.  The rodeo venue is spectacular and the weather was near perfect for the large sold-out crowd.  It is easy to see why this has become the #1 rated PBR in the country.