What’s in a Rain?

What’s in a Rain?

August 8, 2018 | Tyler Jacobs

Rain is one of those things that we often take for granted until we don’t get enough of it or inundated with too much. It is elusive, yet common. It is something that we have absolutely no control over, and so we must learn to adapt. Rain is one of those subjects that unites people of all walks of life, particularly those with rural backgrounds. It is almost without exception that rain is always the initial topic to start a conversation. Hence, any self-respecting ranch broker will be well versed in the current climatological conditions of most any region, nearby or distant, that he might be in contact with. Too much rain, untimely rain, summer monsoons, and recurring rain shortfalls, and various stages of drought are all fair sub-topics potentially levied into a conversation. Why is rain such an important topic? Because one rain can change everything, yes everything.

One rain can be the difference between selling light calves and heavy calves.

One rain can be the difference in the spread of a wildfire.

One rain can keep the banker from calling a note due.

One rain can change a poorly germinated crop into a viable one.

One rain can change fawn survival in the deer herd.

One rain can flood a crop ready for harvest.

One rain can make a ranch ready to be photographed before it’s put on the market.

One rain can wash out the only bridge between you and town.

One rain can turn an oppressively brown horizon lush green.

So, the next time you are asked about the weather, don’t take it as casual small talk or unsophisticated rural charm. It’s everything.