Past Auction

Reynolds Farm & Water Auction

This auction was on Jul 28 Mead, CO 411± Deeded Acres

Executive Summary

The Reynolds Land & Water Auction is an unique combination of 461+/- Acres* of irrigated and productive farm land, 276 Colorado-Big Thompson Water Units, and 15.75 Highland Ditch Shares*. Certain land tracts will be offered with pre-existing Baugh Lateral shares.

The Property and Water will be offered in 47 Tracts & Combinations

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Just the Facts

Total 411+/- Acres

Tract 1:  96+/- Acres & 11 Baugh Lateral Shares
Tract 2:  60+/- Acres
Tract 3:  74+/- Acres & 9 Baugh Lateral Shares
Tract 4:  80+/- Acres & 9 Baugh Lateral Shares
Tract 5:  97+/- Acres & 11 Baugh Lateral Shares
Tract 6:  4+/- Acres


Broker's Comments

Tract 5 Change:

Tract 5 has been extended to include additional acreage owned by the seller. The additional acreage is located immediately south of its previous southern boundary. The following adjustments are being made to accommodate the additional acreage and associated water resources.


- Tract 5 will now be offered as 147+/- Acres

- Tract 5's closing will no longer need to be extended for 60 days as previously communicated.

- Tract 1 will now be offered with 15 Baugh Lateral Shares.

- Tract 3 will now be offered with 8 Baugh Lateral Shares.

- Tract 5 will now be offered with 28 Baugh Lateral Shares.

- Tract 6 will now be offered with 1 Baugh Lateral Share.

- A new (1) Highland Ditch Share will be offered as Tract 48.

- A new (1) Highland Ditch Share will be offered as Tract 49.

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Colorado’s Front Range:

The Colorado Front Range is the most populous region of the State of Colorado and one of the fastest growing regions of the country. The area is located just east of the Rocky Mountain foothills along I-25 where the Great Plains meets the Rocky Mountains. Geologically, the region lies mostly within the Colorado Piedmont, in the valley of the South Platte, Big Thompson, and Arkansas rivers. The region contains the largest cities and the majority of Colorado’s population.

Weld County:

Weld County is an agricultural empire of 2.5 million acres of which 75% is devoted to farming and raising livestock. Weld County is Colorado's leading producer of beef cattle, grain, sugar beets, and dairy products. Weld is the richest agricultural county in the United States east of the Rocky Mountains, leads the state in the value of agricultural products sold, and is typically in the top ten richest overall nationally. In total, Weld’s agricultural products annually create over $1 billion of market value.

Fertile fields of green can be found in every part of the county. Every year over 875,000 acres of cropland is planted with over 300,000 of those acres irrigated. The state’s ideal climate, ready feed availability, and quality water make it an ideal agricultural locale.

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Acreage (Deeded & Leased)

Total 411+/- Acres

Tract 1: 96+/- Acres & 15 Baugh Lateral Shares*

Tract 2: 60+/- Acres

Tract 3: 74+/- Acres & 8 Baugh Lateral Shares*

Tract 4: 80+/- Acres & 9 Baugh Lateral Shares

Tract 5: 147+/- Acres* & 28 Baugh Lateral Shares*

Tract 6: 4+/- Acres & 1 Baugh Lateral Share*

* Tract 5 has been extended to include additional acerage owned by the seller. Please see the Auctioneer Comments section below for details related to the additional acreage and associated water adjustments.

Deeded Acres: 411±
Total Leased Acres:
Total Acres: 411±

Water Rights

Tract 7: 1 C-BT Unit
Tract 8: 1 C-BT Unit
Tract 9: 1 C-BT Unit
Tract 10: 1 C-BT Unit
Tract 11: 2 C-BT Units
Tract 12: 2 C-BT Units
Tract 13: 2 C-BT Units
Tract 14: 3 C-BT Units
Tract 15: 4 C-BT Units
Tract 16: 4 C-BT Units
Tract 17: 5 C-BT Units
Tract 18: 5 C-BT Units
Tract 19: 5 C-BT Units
Tract 20: 5 C-BT Units
Tract 21: 5 C-BT Units
Tract 22: 5 C-BT Units
Tract 23: 5 C-BT Units
Tract 24: 5 C-BT Units
Tract 25: 10 C-BT Units
Tract 26: 10 C-BT Units
Tract 27: 10 C-BT Units
Tract 28: 10 C-BT Units
Tract 29: 10 C-BT Units
Tract 30: 10 C-BT Units
Tract 31: 20 C-BT Units
Tract 32: 20 C-BT Units
Tract 33: 20 C-BT Units
Tract 34: 20 C-BT Units
Tract 35: 25 C-BT Units
Tract 36: 25 C-BT Units
Tract 37: 25 C-BT Units

Highland Ditch Shares ("Highland"):

Tract 38: 1 Highland Share
Tract 39: 1 Highland Share
Tract 40: 1 Highland Share
Tract 41: 2 Highland Shares
Tract 42: 2 Highland Shares
Tract 43: 2 Highland Shares
Tract 44: 4 Highland Shares
Tract 45: 0.25 Highland Shares
Tract 46: 0.25 Highland Shares
Tract 47: 0.25 Highland Shares

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Leases and Permits

The Land and Water are offered subject to an active lease until December 31st.

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Broker Participation

A commission will be paid to any properly licensed brokers who register successful Buyers according to the Broker Participation Guidelines. Contact Hall and Hall Auctions to receive client registration form and guidelines.


Summary of Terms and Conditions:

  • A 4% buyer's premium will be added to the final bid price(s) to determine the total contract price(s).
  • A 10% earnest money deposit of the total contract price will be due immediately from all successful bidders.
  • The property is being sold "AS IS, WHERE IS" and without any contingencies including financing or water board(s) approval.
  • The closing will be set 45 days from the auction date or as soon thereafter as closing documents are available.
  • The transfer of C-BT Water Units are subject to the Water Conservancy Act and approval of the Northern Water Board of Directors.

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