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Nebraska Irrigated Farm

$16,750,000 Paxton, NE 4,599± Deeded Acres

Executive Summary

Nebraska Irrigated Farm is a unique opportunity to own a large, irrigated farm located in Arthur and McPherson counties, northeast of Ogallala or southeast of Arthur, Nebraska. The farm consists of 4,599± deeded acres and offers 21 irrigated center pivot systems covering 2,744± acres supported by the world’s second-largest aquifer, the Ogallala Aquifer, which is a highly valued natural resource underlying parts of eight states – and nearly all in Nebraska. No pumping restriction on the farm and crop production provides a strong return to the investor with corn, soybean, and alfalfa production among the best in the area. Twenty-one center-pivot irrigated systems water the irrigated crops. Outstanding grain storage facilities round out the operation.

Just the Facts

  • 4,599± deeded acres
  • 2,744± certified irrigated acres
  • 2,601± FSA corn base acres
  • 21 center-pivots newly installed
  • Pivots powered by diesel engines
  • Wells producing from 700-2,700 GPM
  • No pumping restrictions
  • Seven miles of underground livestock water pipeline with 20 rubber tire tanks
  • 66’ X 120’ newly constructed insulated shop with living quarters
  • 60-ton truck scale
  • 200,000-bushel grain storage
  • 100’ X 240’ concrete silage pit
  • Easement for swine confinement affluent
  • Excellent wildlife habitat with trophy hunting

General Description

The farm consists of 4,599± acres that include approximately 2,744 pivot irrigated acres. There are about 1,855 acres of grass, of which 200 acres more or less are in pivot corners. Over seven miles of underground water line supplies livestock water to around 1,555 acres of fenced pasture with 20 rubber stock tanks. Common crops in the area include corn, beans, and alfalfa, with corn yields consistently reaching over 200 bushels per acre with proper inputs. 

The farm has recently had all pivots updated with 15 new Zimmatic pivots which are powered by mostly Isuzu diesel engines. Each pivot has its own well, with most producing nearly 2,000 gallons per minute with no pumping restrictions. A complete summary of each well permit, well production, center pivot make, and field size under each pivot is available.

The farm is under a beneficial easement with a swine confinement unit located adjacent to the property. Under this easement and certain terms and conditions, the swine confinement operation agrees to pump and spread the contents of its deep waste lagoons through underground pipe on eight of the 21 pivots. The term of this agreement began in 2002 and lasts for 40 years. 

Broker's Comments

Nebraska Irrigated Farm is an extraordinary offering located in a reputation area for crop production. It is rare to find an operation of this size. The farm offers a significant opportunity for the active farmer looking for a farm large enough to maintain a family operation. The farm also represents an opportunity for a large investor to buy high-quality agricultural land in one of America’s great farming areas. This is a place to park a significant amount of capital and enjoy the stability and certainty that land is always real wealth. 

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Nebraska Irrigated Farm is located in Arthur and McPherson Counties, northeast of Ogallala and north of Paxton, Nebraska. From Arthur, the farm is approximately 14 miles east on US Highway 92 and six miles south on a gravel road. From Paxton, the farm is approximately 29 miles north on a county-maintained gravel road. Paxton is located on I-80, approximately 38 miles west of North Platte. 


Nebraska Irrigated Farm is located in the renowned Sandhills ranching country and is fortunate to have abundant underground water resources, as well as a consistent climate favoring some of the best grassland in the US and outstanding crop production. Western Nebraska is heavily reliant on cattle and crops, also being an agricultural friendly state. 


Nebraska Irrigated Farm has a growing season of over 130 days and an average annual precipitation of 18-20 inches. Most precipitation falls as rain during the warmer part of the year. Rain is normally heaviest in late spring and early summer. Winter snowfall is frequent, but snow cover usually disappears during the mild periods. 

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Acreage (Deeded & Leased)

Irrigated Farmland: 2,744± Acres

Native Rangeland: 1,555± Acres

Pivot Corners: 200± Acres

Roads and Buildings: 100± Acres

Total Acres: 4,599± Acres

Deeded Acres: 4,599±
State Leased Acres:
Private Leased Acres:
BLM Leased Acres:
Indian Leased Acres:
Other Leased Acres:
Total Leased Acres:
Total Acres: 4,599±


The farm is highlighted by a newly built 66’ X 120’ insulated shop with living quarters. Also included are four nearly new grain bins with storage capacity of 200,000 bushels. The bins have mechanical sweeps and aerators powered by a large generator. Other improvements include a 40’ X 100’ Quonset shop, a 100’ X 240’ silage pit, and a 60-ton scale with new scale house/office. Note 15 pivots were replaced with new 2022 Zimmatic pivots and the remaining six are 2012 and 2013 models.

Water Resources

Groundwater wells supply water for the property. Nebraska groundwater is regulated and an abundant water source – about as secure as water gets. Water for the wells comes from a high plains aquifer, commonly called the Ogallala Aquifer. It is the largest freshwater aquifer in the continental United States with freshwater saturation levels in the Sandhills ranging up to 1,200 feet. The total volume of water in the aquifer reaches from south central South Dakota to west Texas and is estimated to be approximately 21.8 billion acre-feet, of which approximately 65 acre-feet are located in Nebraska. Nebraska Irrigated Farm is located in the Twin Platte Natural Resource District (TPNRD) and all wells are certified with the NRD. There are 21 wells on the farm producing from 700 to over 2,700 gallons per minute. There are no restrictions on pumping; however, no new well can be drilled and no expansion of irrigated acres is allowed. Information on the Twin Platte can be obtained at 

Mineral Rights

Seller will convey all owned mineral rights. 


Property taxes are estimated at $68,672 with a Special Assessment tax at $20,876 based upon previous years.

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Wildlife Resources

Bucktail Lake is located on the farm and provides excellent wildlife habitat. Wildlife includes waterfowl, whitetail and mule deer, and upland game birds. Nebraska deer tags are over the counter and provide great opportunity for trophy animals. The combination of crops, water, and natural habitat creates a diverse setting for a great population of wildlife on Nebraska Irrigated Farm. The hunting aspect can also add a good income stream to the farm.

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