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sunset at cabin

Are we overusing "Iconic" and "Quaint"?

It's the words that specifically describe something that lose their value when they are applied inappropriately. For something or someone to be iconic, it or they must be quite special and unique to embody the essential characteristics of whatever it is.

Jun 27, 2023
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The IX Ranch Adds Registered Quarter Horse Colts

The IX Ranch Adds Registered Quarter Horse Colts

The IX Ranch added some color to its historic horse herd this year. These dun-colored registered Quarter horse colts are the result. For 60 years this Montana legacy ranch has raised its own working cow horses. Their 25-head remuda is supported by six foals a year from eight foundation broodmares and the new Plenty Dun, double-bred Hancock stallion.

Sep 24, 2018
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Circle 9 Spring Creek Ranch

Circle 9 Spring Creek Ranch Profiled by The Wall Street Journal

We are thrilled that The Wall Street Journal profiled Circle 9 Spring Creek Ranch as a “House of the Day.” Resting in the shadows of the rugged Tobacco Root and Highland Mountains in the historic and lush Jefferson River valley, the ranch offers gorgeous scenery and miles of river and restored spring creek fishing, as well as productive pivot-irrigated farmland.

Jun 14, 2018
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Montana Trout Fishing

Montana Trout Fishing Season is Looking GOOD!

To quote Explore Big Sky columnist Patrick Straub, “Reports are trickling in, chatter is growing louder in the corners of local fly shops, and pullouts are being used more by anglers than for excess snow. Don’t put your skis or boards away yet—some of the best snow of the season will soon fall on the slopes. But if you take your recreation seriously, have your waders and rod at the ready at all times because we are in the season of potential.”

Mar 28, 2018