The Folks at Farm Progress Talk Soil Health

Soil Health Works Everywhere - Keep context in mind of what will work in your operation with your soil types, practices and environment.

Jul 14, 2023 | Farm Progress - Kevin Schulz
The Folks at Farm Progress Talk Soil Health

LIVING ROOTS: Adding cover crops to a cash grain rotation is beneficial for overall soil health. Cover crops also benefit grazing livestock, thus fulfilling another soil health principle.

Kevin Schulz

Regardless of soil type, all soils can benefit from implementing the six soil health principles.

“Soil health principles work everywhere because they’re based in nature,” says Liz Haney, soil and ecosystem scientist and co-founder of Soil Regen. “We’re trying to mimic what nature does in our row cropping system. So, while the principles need to be applied differently, depending on your climate and your context, and your soil type, and they may respond differently — they still work everywhere.”

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Soil Health Principles

Soil Cover

Limited Disturbance


Living Roots

Integrated Livestock