Central Coast Conservation

Aug 16, 2023 | Hall and Hall
Central Coast Conservation

The Wildlands Conservancy buys Rana Creek Ranch

“This was unquestionably a trifecta transaction. The seller, the buyer and the public are all benefiting from this sale in big ways. There are no losers here.” ~Bill McDavid, Hall and Hall

The largest landholding in Carmel Valley, Rana Creek Ranch, formerly owned by one of the original Apple co-founders and former CEO Mike Markkula, was sold to the California Wildlife Conservation Board and the California State Coastal Conservancy. With strong beliefs in conservation and preservation the Seller was hoping for a like-minded buyer. Markkula paid $8 million for the house and 9,000 acres in 1982, increasing the overall acreage.

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Listing with Hall and Hall and co-listed with Pete Clark of Clark Company.