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Colorado River Water Auction Attracts Buyers; Nets $4.7 Million

Auction Brings Farmers and Municipalities to Bid

Feb 20, 2024 | Hall and Hall
Colorado River Water Auction Attracts Buyers; Nets $4.7 Million

Another 96 units of C-BT water and 154 acres of land will be auctioned on Feb. 28th.

Carlson Family Trust

The Yoakum Water Auction continues to draw attention as the rare event drew a crowd of bidders and successfully fetched approximately $4.7 million for the sellers. The C-BT is highly regulated and to participate would-be buyers had to meet specific criteria set by Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District. But not all the buyers Wednesday were cities looking to transfer water from agriculture to support their continued growth. According to Shuman, of the 15 buyers, six were farmers; four were dairies; two were developers; two were municipalities and one was a farm foundation.

Aspen Journalism – By Heather Sackett

The Yoakum family has a history of farming in the area and many of the folks who came to bid are agriculturists looking to sustain and enhance their current properties. Others were employees of municipalities and more.

CBS News – By Dillon Thomas

The auction saw 33 registered participants, along with several guests and spectators, gather in a barn at the fairgrounds to stake their claims for the water units. Bidders could buy as many units as they could afford, from one to all 90.

Dana Cadey, Daily Times-Call, Longmont, Colo.

Scott Shuman, CAI, Real Estate Partner

“Our Seller is very happy and the buyers were pleased with the process. I will say it takes a team to put on these larger events and we have a great one!”


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Carlson Family Trust


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