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The Land Report: 2022 Deals of the Year

Hall and Hall remains one of the Best Brokerages, runs a Top Auction House and continues to make Deals of the Year

Jun 27, 2023 | Hall and Hall
The Land Report: 2022 Deals of the Year

2022 Deals of the Year


Bismarck Trail Ranch


Mesa Vista Ranch


Burson Rita Blanca Creek Ranch

Good Luck and Hard Work Pay Off

Seller: Neal Wanless
Seller’s Broker: Robb Nelson, Hall and Hall
Buyer: J-Six South Dakota Land Holdings

The Mesa Vista Experience

Seller: Estate of T. Boone Pickes
Seller’s Brokers: Monte Lyons, Hall and Hall; Sam Middleton, Chas. S. Middleton & Son
Buyer: BRS Mesa Vista Partners LLC

Bringing Back the XIT

Seller: Burson Rita Blanca Creek Ranch
Seller’s Broker: Monte Lyons, Hall and Hall
Buyer: XIT Ranch

Each year the Land Report surveys U.S. land brokerages to ascertain the self-reported domestic annual land sales volume shining a spotlight on those brokerages that have stood the test of time and have great standing within the industry.  Appreciative of the honor, Hall and Hall can again extend thanks to our clients, team members, and fellow industry providers who all help keep us in good standing and capable of making the 2023 Best Brokerage and Top Auction House lists.  And thank you, the Land Report, for your annual acknowledgment throughout our industry.