Weekend Plans for the Family: Fishing and a Picnic Lunch

Weekend Plans for the Family: Fishing and a Picnic Lunch

May 16, 2020 | Hall and Hall

Got any weekend plans for the family? Why not pack up the car and head out for a day fishing on the river or lake? We’ve taken care of all the details for you –  we know the best places to fish in your area and we have some easy picnic lunch ideas that will keep your family fully and happy.

Where to Fish: 

Montana has some of the most famous trout fishing spots in the country, so naturally we had to include it on our list of destinations. Check out this list of the top five trout fishing rivers in Montana – any of these rivers are guaranteed to provide a fun outing for you and the family.

Idaho is an often overlooking fishing destination, but for those willing to explore it, there are ample fishing opportunities for trophy trout. Check out our post about fly fishing in Idaho for more information. Maybe it’s the gorgeous scenery and abundant wildlife that initially draws you in, but it is the legendary fishing that will have you coming back for more.

We can’t put together a list of top tier fishing destinations without including Colorado. Colorado trout fishing is an experience that you don’t want to miss – trophy fish, stunning scenery, and gorgeous summer weather – you get the picture. Here are our selections of the best trout fishing rivers in Colorado.

Texas has many lakes and rivers that are great for fishing, whether you are fly fishing or not. Bass fishing is the most popular choice, and for good reason, as it’s popular with anglers of all skill levels. If you are  interested in fly fishing for bass, we’ve outlined everything you need to know here.

What to Eat:

A good picnic lunch is essential for a successful fishing trip – no one will be excited to fish if they are hungry. Here are some picnic lunch ideas that are easy to pack and transport in the car.

Ham and Cheese Sandwich: Don’t overestimate the humble sandwich – it’s universally appealing and can be tailored to fit any palette. We suggest whole wheat bread, lots of fresh ham slices, swiss cheese, and some honey mustard or extra pickles to take things up a notch. Wrap up prepared sandwiches in parchment paper to keep them fresh, and add some potato chips and sliced fruit to complete the meal.

Cheese and Crackers: Simple and pleasing to all ages, cheese and crackers are the perfect solution for a short day trip to go fishing. You can easily elevate this humble meal by using an assortment of crackers and various types of cheeses. Add in some sliced meats for additional protein and include nuts as a source of healthy fat. Fresh grapes or dried fruits provide a sweet element and help balance out the savory flavors. Feel free to bring a bottle of wine along for a relaxing adult beverage.

Turkey Pinwheels and Hummus: Pinwheels are a fun option for kids who are tired of sandwiches. Grab a tortilla, add some slices of turkey and cheese, and maybe even some spinach leaves if you want to sneak in some vegetables, then tightly roll up the tortilla. Take some toothpicks to hold the rolled up tortilla together, then carefully slice the tortilla into little pinwheel shapes. Keep the toothpicks in the pinwheels and store in plastic bags. Hummus serves as a yummy dipping sauce and is a good source of healthy fats and protein from the chickpeas. You can also bring mini sweet peppers or other sliced veggies to dip in the hummus.


So grab your cooler, pack up your lunch and plenty of drinks, and get out there! Enjoy a fun day of fishing with your family, no matter where you choose to go!