Working for Texas Farm and Ranch Buyers

Working for Texas Farm and Ranch Buyers

January 28, 2019 | Tyler Jacobs

Twenty years ago I embarked on a wild, fulfilling, and often perplexing adventure – selling Texas ranches. This gave me the opportunity to work with some great people. It is always a greater adventure to work with buyers because you never know where the journey will take you. AND it often does not end with the acquisition often evolving into a deep and satisfying long term relationship.  This is a marked contrast to the clear goal one establishes with a seller client who is often exiting our world with the sale of his or her property.

There is a process involved with buyers, as each is entering the market for a different – often not clearly defined – reason. The beginning of that process often involves helping them figure out and clearly define their goals. This involves a lot of time together and the ability to listen carefully to every form of communication they offer – from what they say to what they don’t say.  It is our job to know all of the different types of properties on the market and to help narrow the field to a few likely options. Some  ranch buyers may even shop in multiple states outside of Texas before “coming home” to the promised land!

Some ranch buyers have clearly defined goals, but just need help in matching those goals to the real world of what is actually out there and how different types of ranches might fit with their desired lifestyle. My favorite type of buyer is one with grandchildren or the prospect of grandchildren who is looking to develop a special legacy for to their extended family.  This buyer will be motivated by quality, just wanting the best in class knowing that it will hold its value through the generations. The reverse of that is the buyer who is motivated by value. He or she wants to seal a future profit in the initial purchase. This is often more challenging.

Working with buyers almost always involves an extended and thoroughly enjoyable process. However, if you don’t enjoy people of all types, your success will be limited.  Will Rogers said that “people’s minds are changed through observation and not argument.” With Texas ranch buyers, observation equates to opening lots of gates, driving lots of miles, listening very carefully to reactions and conversations and eventually letting the experience produce the obvious outcome. Thankfully there’s no way to speed that process up, and technology can do very little to help. I am lucky that I enjoy people that enjoy ranches. Come see us.