Noble Research Institute offers advice on Prescribed Burns

How Summer Prescribed Burns Can Be A Safe And Efficient Way To Regenerate Grazing Lands

Jul 10, 2023 | Noble Research Institute - Kayla Jennings
Noble Research Institute offers advice on Prescribed Burns

Learn how prescribed burns during the growing season can help restart nature’s clock by improving forage quality and wildlife habitat while managing brush encroachment at the same time.

As people exercise each day to promote their health, they tear down and use their muscles, so those muscles can grow back stronger. And research shows the more diverse and strategic such exercises are, the better the outcome in building muscle.

“Try to mimic what the historical fire frequency was in your area,” Smith says, as a good place to start.

In a similar sense, the prescribed burning of native rangelands rejuvenates the land for it to come back stronger than before. Steven Smith, a Noble Research Institute wildlife and fisheries consultant, says it is an excellent tool to restart nature’s clock. When the area grows back, the new growth is not only more nutrient-dense, but it is also more palatable for livestock and wildlife. Burning is also a relatively economical approach to brush management when compared to other options.


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