Past Auction

Prairie Creek Ranch

This auction was on Nov 20 Glasgow, MT 11,649± Deeded Acres

Executive Summary

The Prairie Creek Ranch is a 20,057± total acre northeastern Montana cattle ranch. In addition to its native range, it also has CRP and cropland, convertible to improved pasture and hay for an estimated annual carrying capacity of 945 AU. The deeded acres are 11,649± and the mostly state leased lands total 8,408± acres. The ranch lies 20 miles north of Glasgow on paved highway. Seventeen miles of creek water and river bottom cover meander through the deeded lands. It is improved with a home, shop, sheds, corrals, grain bins and gravel deposits. There is $70,000 worth of CRP income through 2017. The ranch is well watered with live creek and springs. Sharptail grouse, pheasant and Hungarian partridge together with deer and antelope are at home on Prairie Creek Ranch.

Just the Facts

12 miles north of Glasgow
13 miles long Porcupine Creek
Total:  20,057acres
                        Deeded: 11,649±
                        Leased:  8,408±
Leased Lands
State: Six leases cover 6,198± acres for 1,445 AUMs of grazing at a cost of $16,578 in 2014. Two leases renew in 2016, three in 2021, and one in 2024. Of the total, 4,751± acres are range and 1,435± acres are in crop.
BLM:  Two allotments totaling 597 AUMs worth of feed on 2,207± acres of land. These graze 50 head of cattle year round at a cost in 2015 of $1,009.
Acreage Breakdown
Farmland - deeded
Federal Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) 2,861± acres
Dry land Farm                                                 2,620± acres
Total                                                                5,481± acres
                        Rangeland – deeded                                                    6,181± acres
                                    Total – deeded                                                 11,649± acres
Farmland - leased
Dry land Farm                                                 1,436± acres                                                   
                        Rangeland – leased                                                      6,958± acres
                                    Total – leased                                                  8,394± acres
Home 2,212 sq. ft.; five bedrooms; one full and one half bathrooms
Shop and two storage buildings
17 metal grain bins; for approximately 247,000 bushels.
sharp-tailed grouse 
pheasant and Hungarian partridge
whitetail and mule deer, antelope

General Description

The Prairie Creek Ranch is a vast expanse of prairie landscape. It primarily lies in 13 miles of the Porcupine Creek river basin. The creek bottom can be upwards of a half mile wide, producing exceptional hay.

Learn about the locale


The Prairie Creek Ranch is located 2 miles east of State Road 24, starting 12 miles north of Glasgow.


Glasgow offers all of the necessities and many conveniences including three machinery dealers, a good hospital and clinic, several grocery stores, hardware stores, craft and clothing stores and restaurants. Glasgow is the Valley County seat and has a population of approximately 3,500. In general, this ranch lies in a region of large operating ranches that tend to pass down through families or are purchased by neighbors. As such it is rare to see a ranch like this on the market. Limited commercial air service is available at the Glasgow Airport and most major airlines service Billings, MT which is 276 miles away.


Average annual precipitation for Glasgow is 11 inches. Total average snowfall is 30 inches, with only one inch of average depth. The hottest summer month is July, which averages 84 degrees. The coldest daytime high is in January when it averages 1 degree above zero.

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Acreage (Deeded & Leased)

Total: 20,678+/- acres


Deeded: 12,229+/- acres

- CRP:              2,771+/- acres


Leased: 8,449+/- acres

- BLM Lease           2,125+/- acres

- State Lease          6,274+/- acres

- Ft Peck Reservation Lease 50+/- acres



- Tract 1             4,403+/- acres

- Tract 2             3,179+/- acres

- Tract 3 w/Improvements 71+/- acres

- Tract 4             4,214+/- acres

- Tract 5             8,190+/- acres

- Tract 6             621+/- acres

Deeded Acres: 11,649±
State Leased Acres: 6,201±
BLM Leased Acres: 2,207±
Total Leased Acres: 8,408±
Total Acres: 20,057±



The main residence is a five-bedroom, one full and one half bathroom, wood-framed home that was built in 1981. It was remodeled in 1994 and again in 2005. It is a 2,212± sq. ft. split level. It has a large attached garage. Heat is provided by electric baseboards. It has oak cabinets in the kitchen and oak trim throughout. The house and deck overlook the Porcupine Creek Valley and a ranch reservoir below. Water is provided by Olson Spring, which has been a historic producer for over 100 years.


Storage Building and Shop:

There are three pole-framed and roofed metal storage buildings. Two were built in 1976 and one in 1979. Their sizes are 100 ft. x 30 ft., 100 ft. x 32ft. and 141 ft. x 50 ft.


Steel Grain Bins:

There are 17 metal grain bins. Total grain storage is approximately 247,000 bushels.


All the notable improvements are located on Tract 3.

Water Rights

Stock and domestic rights are filed with the State Department of Natural Resources and Conservation. There are no irrigation rights. 

Mineral Rights

The seller will convey all owned mineral interest associated with the property. However, mineral interest has not been investigated by the seller. 


Real estate taxes are estimated to be $19,757 based upon past history. 

Learn about the recreational amenities

Fishery Resources

Fishing and boating, on the fifth largest man-made lake in the US, is located 37 miles south of the ranch. Fort Peck Lake is 35 miles long and has 1,520 miles of shoreline. Fishing is active for record-sized walleye, smallmouth bass, lake trout, northern pike and sauger. 

Wildlife Resources

Porcupine Creek runs the full length of the property for approximately 18 miles of meandering water frontage. This is quintessential sharp-tailed grouse, Hungarian partridge and pheasant habitat, with CRP and small grains adjacent to the live creek and brushy side coulees. These provide a full menu for the birds and year-round protection. There are several grouse dancing grounds along the creek. Pheasant and Hungarian partridge populations fluctuate and are large at times. There is also an abundance of whitetail and mule deer in the breaks, as well as antelope scattered throughout. 

Learn about the general operations

General Operations

The area along the creek is wet range or sub-irrigated, which is especially productive due to the high water table. The ranch has historically run 550-600 cows year round plus CRP and small grain crops. There are some 59 miles of fence in total. They are predominately four- and five-strand barbed wire.

Presently there are about 2,620± acres of CRP (Conservation Reserve Program), which brings in total annual revenue of approximately $70,000. The contracts run through 2017. The ranch offers exceptional potential for a cattleman with the CRP acreage coming out of contract and the potential for farmland to be converted to pasture or hay. The owner estimates that with these conversions the ranch would support a 950 animal unit cattle operation.

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Broker Participation

A commission will be paid to any properly licensed brokers who register successful Buyers according to the Broker Participation Guidelines. Contact Hall and Hall Auctions to receive the client registration form and guidelines.


Summary of Terms:

  • A 4% buyer's premium will be added to the final bid price(s) to determine the total contract price(s).
  • A 10% earnest money deposit of the total contract price will be due immediately from all successful bidders.
  • The property will be sold "AS IS, WHERE IS" and without any contingencies including financing.
  • 100% of the Seller's mineral interest will convey.

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