Past Auction

Zeman Farm & Ranch

This auction was on Aug 31 Bassett, NE 6,627± Deeded Acres

Executive Summary

The Zeman Farm & Ranch is a highly diversified property offering a secure investment in up to 6,627± deeded acres of prime Nebraska farmland and a 2,500± head open-air cattle feeding facility. Located in Rock County, Nebraska, near Bassett, the ranch includes 4,446± irrigated acres under 35 center pivots, with no restricted pumping, supported by the world’s second-largest aquifer, the Ogallala Aquifer, which is a highly valued natural resource underlying nearly all of Nebraska. With tracts ranging from 70± to 619± acres, build a combination that suits your unique needs.

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Auction Date and Location:
Tuesday, August 31st at 10am CT
Held at the Atkinson Community Center
206 W 5th Street (Hwy 20), Atkinson, NE 68713

Information Days:
Tuesday, July 27th 10am CT
Virtual: Call the auction office for online access instructions.
Thursday, August 5th from 10am to 12noon CT
Tuesday, August 17th from 10am to 12noon CT
Live: Meet a Hall and Hall auction representative at Tract 21.

Just the Facts

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• 6,627± deeded acres

• 4,446± center pivot irrigated acres

• Excellent cropland yields

• 35 pivots with wells and no pumping restrictions

• 2,500± head open-air feeding facility

• 3,600± linear feet of concrete bunks and 24 feeding pens

• 2,060± grassland acres

• Abundant big game and upland birds

General Description

The Zeman Ranch is easily accessed on US Highway 183. The cropland includes 35 pivots with wells, all diesel-powered. The pivots irrigate approximately 4,446± acres, which includes irrigated pasture, crop, and feed.

The ranch also includes an open-air feeding facility. The feeding facility utilizes 24 pens and 3,600± linear feet of concrete bunk space capable of handling 2,500± head. 

The pivots have been farmed in rotating row crops. Cover crops have been incorporated into the crop rotation resulting in above-average soil conditions and pushing corn yields to averages of 210-240 bushels, topping out at 302 bushels per acre, while beans average around 70 bushels per acre. Alfalfa will typically produce four to five cuttings per season with yields exceeding seven ton per acre.

The pivots have underground waterlines and stock tanks that make them suitable for summer or winter grazing.

Broker's Comments

This is an extraordinarily diverse property that lies in an area with a great reputation for crop production. With the current water situation around the US and with California now publicly trading water shares, this property will secure your water needs for the future. With the increasing talk about carbon sequestration and carbon credits, the owner’s transition from conventional tillage practices to all cover crops and no-till may provide a clear avenue for any future programs relating to carbon credits and income potential.

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Directions to Property: From Bassett, Nebraska: Tract 1 is located approximately two miles south on “State Hwy 183 / Clark St”. The remaining tracts are located approximately five miles south of Basset.

Bassett is the county seat of Rock County and includes schools, commercial and social amenities, medical services, and an airport for small aircraft (Rock County Airport – RBE).

Bassett is on the eastern edge of the Nebraska Sandhills and on the northern edge of Nebraska in a major farming and ranching area. It is blessed with an abundant underground water resource as well as a climate favoring crop and grass production. Bassett livestock may be one of the best markets in the US, selling top-quality calves and yearlings while offering some of the best cows the Sandhills have to offer. 

Annual precipitation for the area is 24 inches, and the average snowfall is 39 inches, which usually melts rapidly. The Sandhills region is known for low humidity resulting in cool summertime mornings and evenings. Elevations range from 2,300 to 2,550 feet.

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Acreage (Deeded & Leased)

Total: 6,627±                4,446±Irrigated

Tract 1: 619±                277.5± Irrigated

Tract 2: 320±                256.6± Irrigated

Tract 3: 320±                264.3± Irrigated

Tract 4: 320±                266.6± Irrigated

Tract 5: 150±                123.6± Irrigated

Tract 6: 150±                126.2± Irrigated

Tract 7: 320±                266± Irrigated

Tract 8: 640± Ranchland

Tract 9: 320±                266.2± Irrigated

Tract 10: 320±              266.7± Irrigated

Tract 11: 150±              121.4± Irrigated

Tract 12: 150±              129± Irrigated

Tract 13: 160±              139.1± Irrigated

Tract 14: 70± Ranchland

Tract 15: 160±              132.2± Irrigated

Tract 16: 311±              266.6± Irrigated

Tract 17: 464±              267.2± Irrigated

Tract 18: 320±              257.1± Irrigated

Tract 19: 320±              260.1± Irrigated

Tract 20: 160±              132.3± Irrigated

Tract 21: 425±              281.6± Irrigated

Tract 22: 160± Ranchland

Tract 23: 151±              121.5± Irrigated

Tract 24: 147±              123.6± Irrigated

Deeded Acres: 6,627±
Total Leased Acres:
Total Acres: 6,627±

Additional Information

Some of the outstanding photography herein was provided by Dillion Muirhead. (Contact information is available upon request.)


Tract 20: 1,200± sq/ft Manager's Home

Tract 21: The open-air feeding facility includes 3,600± linear feet of concrete bunks and 24 feeding pens. This also includes a 2,800± square foot pole building used as a vet room and state-of-the-art cattle working facilities with hydraulic chute, alleyway, hydraulic gates, and above-average livestock sorting pens and corrals. Plus, a 2,400± square foot insulated shop, 3,000± square foot machine shed, and approximately 180,000-bushel grain storage utilizing several grain bins, bulk bins, and a harvester. This site also includes an 18,000± square foot concrete wall bunker silage pit and a 10,900± square foot bunker with a canvas-type top. There is a 30-ton scale at this site as well. A remodeled cabin/bunkhouse.

Water Resources

The property is located in the Upper Elkhorn and the Middle Niobrara NRD, where no water pumping restrictions are in place. The Sandhills have a long track record of a very stable underground water table even with high-capacity irrigation well pumping. The first irrigation wells were drilled in the late 1960s. The water tables have not fallen, with some higher now.

Mineral Rights

All mineral rights owned by Seller will transfer to the buyer.

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Wildlife Resources

This area of the Sandhills is one of the largest remaining tracts of mid and tallgrass prairie in North America. With the combination of excellent water sources, mature living shelterbelt, crops, alfalfa, native range, and expanse of the ranch, wildlife thrive on the ranch. Over the years, many trophy deer have been taken along with some of the area’s best waterfowl hunting. The ranch also has a thriving population of turkeys, pheasants, and upland birds. Nebraska hunting permits are over the counter for the most part, which enhances the opportunity for hunting every year for landowners and nonresidents alike. Hunting and wildlife viewing is the hidden gem of the Zeman Farm & Ranch.

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